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This Plans and Things website was created to bring the products formally sold by Hannan's Runway back into the free flight market via an online website.

Creating this website offered me an an opportunity to have fun while learning a few new techniques in resurrecting graphics from vintage printed materials.  It was also a chance to  help my friends Jim and DeAnn Lueken in getting their new business started.

The products sold here by Plans and Things include the plans previously sold by W. C. Hannan Graphics as well as the modeling books of Bill Hannan and Frank Zaic. Also, there are a few new plans being offered.  As this business grows It is Jim and DeAnn's hope to also add new products (plans and things) in the future.

Vintage 1973 Plans and Things catalog

The basis for the graphics and text description of the plans being sold was a vintage Plans and Things catalog from 1973.

Jim wanted to maintain the nostalgic look of the original catalog by using a similar background color and keeping the general content structure of the original catalog.

The graphics for the subjects of the plans were recreated by scanning in the old catalog and then  enhancing the illustrations and pictures in PhotoShop.  In many cases the results were "better than the originals". 

Much of the text of the original catalog was also captured via scanning and performing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the scans converting the scanned text into true text form so it could be used herein.

Bill Hannan publications

The color images of the modeling publications of Bill Hannan and Frank Zaic were created by taking photographs of the actual books being offered. 

Processing the photographs in PhotoShop, the images were cropped to be background free, so they could be used on the nostalgic brown background of this website. 

Again, some of the text descriptions of these books were scanned in and OCR'd from vintage sources such as pages from another vintage catalog from Hannan's Runway.

A smiling Frank Zaic displays some of his timeless modeling publications.


Zaic publications offered by Plans and Things.

In the case of the Frank Zaic publications, similar mixed methods were used to create the information for this section of the website.

Then, similarly to the Bill Hannan Publications, pictures of the actual books were taken and processed in PhotoShop.
Creating this website has been a fun and rewarding project for me. I have learned a lot about some of the fine points of resurrecting vintage printed graphics that have eluded me in the past, and I am pleased with the results.

I hope you also will find this website appealing and hopefully purchase some of these vintage plans and publications.

Joe Mekina - webmaster 
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