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The following list of contributors was pulled from the original 1973 Plans and Things catalog.  While some of these modelers are no longer with us, they will continue to live on through there drawing sold here:

Russ Barrera, of Russ-Craft Model Museum, San Marcos, California, provides much of our design research material.

John Burkam is a helicopter rotor systems specialist and model helicopter authority, who writes for Model Helicopter News and American Aircraft Modeler magazine.

Ray Caswell, senior citizen of Autogiro City, is an aerospace engineer, and resides in Tujunga, California.

Mel Duke is a steam plant engineer in beautiful downtown Burbank, California (Really!) Mel specializes in hand-launched gliders.

Bill Hannan, in real life, is a graphic designer and proprietor of "Hannan's Hangar" in The Model Builder magazine. Bill dwells in Escondido, California.

Fred R. Hamlen, of Boston, Mass., is an architect, and unusually dedicated scale drawing delineator.

Fulton Hungerford, of Titusville, Florida, has long specialized in unusual models, such as his famed indoor Ford Trimotor. He is the manufacturer of FH wheels.

David W. Jones is an industrial designer, and has studied with Frank Lloyd Wright. In addition, Dave has strong interests in music and photography.

Bjorn Karlstrom, of Sweden, who is internationally known for his scale drawings and paintings, is also a model builder and speedboat designer.

Kingsley Kau is a former president of the North American Flightmasters scale model club, and a dental technician, who lives in Los Angeles, California.

Otto Kuhni is a highly accomplished commercial artist who resides in Sherman Oaks, California.

Jed Kusik is an industrial arts teacher, and well-known control-line team racer from Huntington Beach, Cal.

Trudee Kusik is an aircraft draftswoman, formerly with Douglas Aircraft Company.

Lauren S. McCready, formerly Professor of Marine Engineering and Department Head, U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, and later Director of the National Maritime Research Center, is listed in Who's Who, and began aeromodeling in 1926.

Walt Mooney, of San Diego, California, is a full-size aircraft designer, author, sailplane pilot, and TV "Thrillseeker" in addition to his modeling activities.

Bob Peck, of Peck-Polymers, La Mesa, California, is a model designer well-known for his Peanut Scale kits.

R. G. Schmitt is an avionics system designer with General Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas. He was a member of the 1950 Wakefield team.

Frank Scott, of Dayton, Ohio, is a GM technician, private pilot, glider pilot, and skydiver.

Frank is also the inventor of the "Scott Sled" kite, and frequent contributor to Junior American Modeler.

David Stott, co-originator of the Peanut Scale concept, is a model builder for Sikorsky Aircraft, in Connecticut.

Roald Tweet is Chairman of the Augustana College English Department, in Rock Island, Illinois, and has been a modeler for more than 32 years.

Harold (Bill) Warner is a history teacher in Sepulveda, California, author, and past president of the North American Flightmasters flying scale model club.

Bill Watson, from Van Nuys, California, builds and flies all manner of model Zeps, 'giros, 'copters and weirdies.

Fred Weitzel, of Yonkers, New York, is a music teacher. Fred has held national records for both ornithopter and autogyro models.

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