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Bill Hannan at his drafting board
"some years ago"...Ray Scott photo.

All of the plans come from the original vellums and mylars created by Bill Hannan, Kingsley Kau, Otto Kuhni, Walt Mooney, and others thus ensuring the same outstanding quality they were originally known for.

Here is a list of the plans we currently offer:

Plan Type Number of plans
Peanut Scale 19
Rotorcraft 7
Ornithopter 1
Sport Models 8
Flying Scale 10
Obscure Aircraft 11

Bill Hannan books 

When model designer, builder, draftsman, and author Bill Hannan decided to write his first "Peanuts and Pistachios" in 1986, he had no idea how successful it would be. Over the years since then there have been more books written with each one just as popular. The contents of each book comes from modelers all over the world. The articles, photos, and drawings are a great source of inspiration when looking for a new project to start.

Bill Hannan - Peanuts and Pistachios

Due to the outstanding enthusiasm and requests by our customers, we have had the entire 6 volume collection of Peanuts and Pistachios professionally re-printed in the same same high quality as the original printing. Now they can be yours for your reading enjoyment.

A smiling Frank Zaic displays some of his timeless modeling publications.

Internationally renowned Frank Zaic passed away in May, 2005, at age 92. Frank devoted a lifetime to model building and flying, having co-owned the JASCO, kit and supply business, authored and published numerous books devoted to aerodynamics, model design and techniques. His writings usually included philosophy as well as theory and practice, accenting his always-optimistic outlook at life and living. Long a world-traveler, Frank cultivated friendships in many parts of the world, and his books showcased the designs of an international array of contributors. Recognition for his outstanding works include the FAI Tissandier Diploma, the AMA Fellow award, and induction to the AMA Hall of Fame.

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